27th Model A Ford National Meet: 11th – 17th September 2022
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The Model A Ford Club of New South Wales is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Model A Ford, “Henry’s Lady”. It is a family club that allows people with the same interests to meet and enjoy their hobby together.

                                                                    Country cruising

A brief history of the Model A Ford

By the 1920’s the Model T was falling behind competitors in sales and was out modeled by the mid 20’s. This was not just the case in America but also world wide including Australia. The time was right for “The New Car“.

Henry Ford along with his son Edsel and Ford Motor Company engineers, in great secrecy, went about designing “The New Car“, the Model A Ford.

On the 2″d December, 1927, 10.5 million Americans attended the first day displays of “The New Car“. (1 in 10 Americans) By the end of the first week 25 million had viewed the Model A.

In Australia the Model A went on display 5 months later in all the capital cities on the 15th May 1928. Initial models on display were Phaeton, Roadster, Tudor Sedan, Business Coupe, Sports Coup and the AA Truck. More than 300,000 Australians visited the displays over the first 4 days (1 in 20 Australians).

Australian cars were manufactured in Canada and assembled in Australia from a period 1928 to 1930. Around 30,000 Model A Ford cars and trucks were imported into Australia.